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Pompa Celup HCP Sewage AL-22-32-35A-48 (Air Kotor)

Pompa Celup HCP Sewage AL-22-32-35A-48 (Air Kotor)

Pompa Celup HCP Sewage AL-22-32-35A-48 (Air Kotor)

Equipped with auto-cut, silicon carbide double mechanical seal, epoxy cable base treatment.
Robust cast iron construction and compact design.
Available with TOS guide rail system.
Wide applications of its design in higher efficiency and high head impeller.

Waste water drainage for all industries.
Pumping surface water, drainage water and flood water.
Extraction of water from river and lake.

Pressure-reducing design
AL-48 pump's impeller were designed in high head.
Pressure reducing design will release the high pressure in volute when operating.

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