Pompa Centrifugal CNP Stainless Steel JET Series

Pompa Centrifugal CNP Stailess Steel JET Series
Specification and Application
• Self-priming jet assisted centrifugal pump provides higher pressure and good suction ability.
• Pump body and impeller and so on made of stainless steel, ejector made of plastics with high intensity and abrasion proof.
• TEFC motor corrosion resistant and excludes dust and dirt. Protected against both high operating temperature and high current by a built-in automatically resetting thermal overload.
• Used screwed suction and discharge, quick and easy installation.
• Low maintenance, easy to service if required.

• Applied to pumping such liquid which is clean, no solid matter or frictional matter, low viscous, noncorrosive, noncrystallizable, chemically neutral and close to water. Such as:
• Tank filling
• Domestic water supply
• Water transfer
• Pressure boosting
Flow Rated
Max. 3 m³/h
Total Head
15 ~ 43 m
Liquid Temperature
Max. 45°C
Stainless Steel 304
Type Rated Flow Total Head
[m³/h] [m]
JET 35 1.2 23
JET 45 1.5 24