Pompa Centrifugal CNP Stainless Steel SWB Series

Pompa Centrifugal CNP Stailess Steel SWB Series
Specification and Application
• Made of high quality anticorrosion materials, compact conformation, robustness;
• TEFC motor corrosion resistant and excludes dust and dirt. Protected against both high operating temperature and high current by a built-in automatically resetting thermal overload.
• Coaxial complete machine and floating neck ring structure increased mechanical efficiency and volumetric efficiency;
• Used screwed suction and discharge ,quick and easy installation;
• Low maintenance ,easy to service if required.

Applied to pumping such liquid which is clean, no solids or frictional matter, low viscous, noncorrosive, noncrystallizable, chemically neutral and close to water. Such as:
• Domestic water supply;
• Irrigation;
• Water transfer;
• Washing systems;
• Pressure boosting.
Flow Rated
Max. 10 m³/h
Total Head
16 ~ 29 m
Liquid Temperature
-15°C ~ 80°C
Stainless steel 304
Type Rated Flow Total Head
[m³/h] [m]
SWB 6-18 3 20.5
SWB 6-25 6 25