Pompa Celup HCP Sewage AF Type(Air Kotor)

Pompa Celup HCP Sewage AF Type (Air Kotor)

Pompa Celup HCP Sewage AF Type (Air Kotor)

Durable cast iron submersible solids handing pump.
Multiple impellers for solids up to 2-3 inch diameter.
Auto-cut protector protects motor from burnout due to excessive heat and automatically resets when motor has cooled.
Permanently lubricated mechanical seal and bearings.
Silicon carbide dual mechanical seal isolates motor from sewage.
4P,Dry motor with high efficiency and stainless steel motor shaft.
Stainless steel screws and bolts.
Full range pumps and easy installation, available with TOS system which makes it easy to automatically connect and disconnect from above the pits by means of guide rail system.

Dewatering, Sump drainage.
Flood control Circulation.
Sewage, effluent and waste water removal and transfer.