Pompa Celup HCP Sewage BF-21AP-21U-32U-33P (Air Kotor)

Pompa Celup HCP Sewage BF-21AP-21U-32U-33P (Air Kotor)

Pompa Celup HCP Sewage BF-21AP-21U-32U-33P (Air Kotor)

Light weight, elegant shape and easy operation.
Upper cover and motor frame made of rustproof SUS 304, to make pump light weight, compact and strong structure.
Reasonable structure: VCT cable, dry motor equipped with auto-cut, and double mechanical seal design.
Non-clog impeller design, the best effect for waste water treatment.
TOS guide rail system are available for full range of models.

SUS stainless steel material
Use modern stainless steel technique to improve the quality of existing products, adopt precise press stainless steel machining to meet demand of stable quality, light weight, and reasonable price.

Drainage of waste water from the basement of building, hotel industry, hyper-market, tunnels, under ground garages etc.
Drainage of sewage from food, leather processed factory, and dyeing factory. Also in septic tank and stock farm.
Pumping surface water, drainage water from garage sprinkler system.

BF-P Type
Semi-open impeller embedded with a tungsten blade to enable cutting of fibrous material to prevent clogging on higher discharge applications.
BF-U Type
The vortex impeller produces a hydraulic passage through the pump for long fibrous material, without passing through the impeller and preventing the potential clogging.