Pompa Celup HCP Sewage F-21U-31-32TU (Air Kotor)

Pompa Celup HCP Sewage F-21U-31-32TU (Air Kotor)

Pompa Celup HCP Sewage F-21U-31-32TU (Air Kotor)

HCP according to the customer requirement and profound pump making experience, developing the new utility F-type pump with whole new structure design ideal. HCP new generation F-type pump is impact structure with upgraded efficiency, low electric consumption with economical price, which is the best choice for you.

The 100% quality control procedure for motor precision, manufactured with whole new laminated sheet steel, shaft and rotor was manufactured with heat treatment, precision. Stable motor characteristics with high efficiency,
Professional production assembly line, conduct with synthesized production test. Ensure the pump quality.
Standard accessories: VCT cable, EPOXY resin seal water resistant cable base, efficient dry type motor, AC motor protector, dual mechanical seal. It is economical and worthy.
Non-clogging impeller design, dealing with waste water sewage with best dewatering efficiency.
Extremely practical pump F-05A The thermoplastic impeller molded with high accuracy mold, which are stable, weight light, and abrasion resistant. Prolonging the impeller life. Better than the common castiron impeller. The vortex impeller design prevents clogging during the operation, decreasing troubles while operation.
Full line products provide you the best service, impact and weight light, easy for service and transport.

Drainage of waste water from the basement of building, hotel • industry, market, tunnels, under ground garages etc.
Drainge of sewage from food, leather processed factory, and dyeing factory. Also in septic tank and stock farm.
Pumping surface water, drainage water from garage sprinkler system.

Semi-open impeller cutting foreign particles, and preventing clog by solidmedia.
This impeller can generate rapid rotating vortex to handle fluid mixed with long fiber, the majority of abrasive solids do not touch impeller to minimize impeller wearing.