Pompa Celup HCP/Deep Well Pump HCP P6 Series(6")

Pompa Celup HCP/Deep Well Pump HCP P6 Series(6")

HCP has a wide range of products for a multitude of different purposes. We have always met our customer's needs for all applications within differing industries and environments. Recently, due to the domestic demand for a higher standard of living quality, there has been a significant improvement in all water supply systems. The water supply system has become more important than in the past and therefore, we at HCP manufacture every pump to our mission statement of; "Clean Water from HCP PUMPS, to provide a stable and reliable service of water supply systems". Today, we provide pumps manufactured in stainless steel, which prevents water pollution caused by pumps made in cast iron, and bronze materials, which are prone to corrosion.

Precise stainless steel impeller balancing for best efficiency and energy saving.
Brass shaft sleeve and pressure receiving plate are designed to resist corrosion from sand and therefore, prolong the operational life expectancy.
Pump base brackets connection standard motor frames.
Discharge port available in: 2", 2! 2" ,3" & 4"

Deepwell water supply-agricultural irrigation and aquacultural water supply,
Sprinkler irrigation systems.
Fountains and water features. Market gardens, garden centres and landscaping,
Domestic water supply,
Civil engineering dewatering.